How to get my adult toy website known

Congratulations! Put the blog on your website, it means all of your traffic will be targeted towards your money site and that any links and good will will flow that way too.

Blog yourself. start with product reviews and do some low quality unboxing videos on youtube to add credibility to your offer
Dec 29, 2009
Bribe a Sunday Sport reporter to write a front page exclusive showing that Elvis and Marilyn Monroe are alive and well and living on the moon and are using your toys. ;)

Feb 7, 2010
I've heard product demonstrations can lead to higher conversions
Nov 19, 2008
Okay here is my two cents on this.

Is the market flooded? Yes!

Can you make money from this? Yes

Will it be a lot of work? Yes.

If I had an adult site this would be my plan:

1. Website with a domain name that is either obvious, or a name that is not relative to an actual toy, think LoveHoney, Bondara, AnnSummers etc.

2. Blog should be on your own website (extension/subdomain) use wordpress as the platform just have the domain either a subdomain or a folder extension of the website i.e ( , even if search engines dont publish those pages you can use them to create internal links and when there are blog posts that people read it can potentially lead to sales. You can have reviews on toys, lingerie, equipment, trade shows, club shows etc.

3. Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest etc

Here are stats from three of the largest Adult websites in UK:

Love Honey
  • FB - 11.4k Likes
  • TW - 18.8k Followers
  • YT - 9.8k Subscribers (7.5m total views)
  • FB - 4.2k Likes
  • TW - 4k Followers
  • FB - 2k Likes (Page is called The Vibe)
  • TW - 16.8k Followers
Socail Media can work, look at what your competition are doing and take ideas for your own pages, tie in competitions, offers etc into your posts and there is a way to drum up likes/followers and also business if clever.

4. SEO - invest time into this, this will be the catalyst for driving more organic sales and revenue through, slow process however its an ongoing thing that you will have to do

5. SEM - Google Adwords will start driving traffic and sales to your website from the go, make sure that you use a host of ranged keywords from broad/category and product terms.. also match types.. once you have metrics coming through look into ad copies, ad schedules, device bidding etc - this will help optimise campaigns and spend less.

6. Trade Shows - Exhibit at places like the London Erotica Show - I know retailers who have gained a lot of sales at this place and used it as a marketing tool to bring people back to their website

7. Celebrities - When I say Celebrity I mean Adult Stars - Babestation stars, Glamour Models, Pornstars etc. Offer them free stuff, throw deals to them, get them to tweet or retweet things for you to their followers etc. Get them to have a wishlist on your website, they post that list out - people use a code for a discount to buy gifts for them - you can always give them a commision as well behind the scenes.... for them.. they get free gifts and get paid for it - you get sales.

^ Yes there are people who will buy gifts for these people, I know this because my friend who is a gym manager and personal trainer used to train these models, I have been in their company when out for drinks and heard it from them directly and seen their wishlist pages on websites its a bit crazy.. but still happens.

8. Amazon - LoveHoney are on here selling their adult products - in the last 12 months they have 1,830 reviews (usually amazon reviews are about 1 review to every 10 sales on average so they have had at least 18000 transactions within 12 months, thats what about 1500 a month?) - even if you get 100 transactions a month, thats still money.

Hope this all helps buddy!

Should invoice you ;)
Do research on the top websites like lovehoney, love-******* etc. You will get some interesting information there.