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Being in Lockdown and working from home has definitely had an impact in each one of us, both on our personal and professional life. This means that it has had an impact into the overall performance of companies.

One of the main challenges for Human Resources Managers during this pandemic has been to ensure the wellbeing of employees and come up with strategies to keep them motivated and productive when working from home.

These would be my 5 top tips to keep motivated employees and boost their productivity:
  • Ensure clear and constant communication. This will avoid that employees feel isolated and disengaged from their colleague and job.
  • Establish a system of recognition. If employee engagement is important, employee recognition is even more. Make sure to properly track the performance of all employees, and award them for their achievements (whether it is recognition within the company, through social media, by doing a weekly or monthly employee shootout, giving them a bonus or raise...). If you have a HR Management Software, you will probably find that there is an Employee Analytics tool that will help your HR teams with this task.
  • Set clear and achievable tasks within a realistic time frame. Sticking to achievable tasks while having a clear idea of the overall picture can really help employees understand what they are doing, and the actual impact that it has within the company. It's easier to stick to small tasks with shorter term time frames, rather than to a bigger one and having to divide into smaller tasks on their own.
  • Consider reducing working hours and establishing flexible schedules. According to statistics, by reducing the hours that an employee has to "be at work", even when it is from home, results in an increase of their productivity. This is because they will focus on completing all the tasks and goals, and won't get distracted on other tasks, since they will have plenty of time after work because of the reduced working hours. It's not needed to mention that the wage should be the same as before, and not reduced. By providing some flexibility on their schedule, you will also give the chance to you employees to work on the hours that they are more productive. Think that especially when working from home, many parents have to attend their children, there is other people around the house, etc. So if they are able to pick their own times for working, it will prevent excessive work absenting. An schedule and Rota management solution can help you manage your employees timesheets stress-free.
  • Provide employees with tools and resources for their personal and professional wellbeing, as well as for their mental health wellbeing. There are many free courses, podcasts, and even mental health support organisations that might be very helpful for some of your employees. By regularly sending this kind of resources, and providing a safe space for them to talk to you if they find like they are struggling, you will find yourself with happier and more balanced employees, that feel safe and valued in their company.
I hope that this has been of help to the community. Obviously don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or suggestions.
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