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Importing beer in to UK

Feb 18, 2014
Hi there anyone and everyone!

Iv been doing a fair bit of research on importing alcohol to the UK, so far iv only really come across extensive info on wines!! where as i would like info on beer. I was in Paris last year and noticed how they have a better range of lagers. Does any one have any good links to some info on importing beer? Im willing to learn and learn but I'm struggling to find some sound advice. Maybe you have imported yourself and can advise me on a few things!!

Thank you for reading and i hope you have a nice day!!

Hi Daniel,

There is not a huge amount of difference in importing beer to importing anything else to be honest. Just remember that Excise Duty as well as Duty/VAT will be payable.

Kind regards,
Oct 21, 2013
Isle of Man
aye that and a liscence too sell and distribute alcohol.

Mar 24, 2021
Gary Ashe, do you have any experience of importing cider in UK ? Is it counted as an alcohol or is there some special category for it? Simply want to import a lot of cool and tasty rhubarb cider from Crafty Nectar. Based on my travelling experience all over UK, I can say for sure that a cider becomes more and more popular nowadays.