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May 30, 2005

Save Your Hair, We Can Solve the Puzzle For You!

China Direct Source Agency
has solutions to the puzzle!
Yes, finding reliable sources from China can be a real puzzle. China is a huge country and is home to many legitimate, leading edge technology companies, plastic goods manufacturers, metal working firms, cloth and leather finished goods sources and many other industries.

Built on Relationships

As a US owned company with 5 years of trading in China and a salaried staff in Shenzhen we are located in the world center of electronics production, with easy access to the major trading hubs of Hong Kong and Guangzhou (Canton). Our Shenzhen manager is a university graduate with classmates and contacts in all the major trading areas. The companies we represent are verified by us, with many being recommended by personal friends and established trading partners.

Trust is Foremost
We have multiple bank and PayPal accounts in the US, Hong Kong and mainland China. Our main US PayPal account has been verified since 2001, we have been with our US bank for decades and can offer trusted Escrow Services between placing of your orders and actual payment to the China factories. We are known to many China suppliers and most will begin production with just a phone call from our buyer.

The usual payment method is by Bank Transfer to one of our Hong Kong HSBC accounts. We then hold the funds until the time to pay the factory, after making sure the source is legitimate and the goods are satisfactory. Payment by PayPal or credit / debit cards is often possible, but with additional fees. In addition to many references to our dependability on various wholesale forums, we can provide customer references, if desired.

Sourcing / Broker Services
With our own salaried staff in Shenzhen we can locate and source goods from across China. Our buyer is a young, university educated Chinese with contacts through family and classmates over a wide variety of manufacturing centers. Her knowledge of the Chinese market and understanding of the low quality products that can be bought by the unsuspecting buyer makes her unbiased appraisal of product searches invaluable to first time and small quantity buyers.

We do not sell the sourced items ourselves, but act as a broker for a percentage of the order total. We do not add a fee on the shipping charges, working on your behalf for only a percentage of the cost of the goods. We can ship your orders ourselves, or for ocean shipping arrange transport to the spot designated by your own shipping agent.

While we offer no warranty of our own on the products, as your agent we will also coordinate any support issues and handle any receiving and shipping of warranty items for repair or replacement. We charge nothing further for this service, but shipping costs will be borne by the client.

Typical Progression:
1) We are given links to products on various websites, design specifications, information obtained previously by the client, etc. and asked to see what we can do.

2) We find one or more suppliers of the product and visually inspect the goods. If we feel the quality is there, we will let you know the particulars - Minimum Order Quantities, costs, differences in various brands / factories, specifications, images, production time, shipping costs.

3) We can often arrange samples to be sent to you. Our relationship with our local agent is such that we can usually save considerably over the costs of shipping samples often required from factories.

4) Once you are satisfied with the items we will begin serious negotiations. Factories with which we deal regularly will give us good prices from the start, but new sources which are not aware of the volume we can bring them will often give us higher prices at the start. Once we have a firm quantity from we can often get a better cost when we have an order in hand.

5) We will always visit new sources in the Shenzhen area before placing an order. We can also visit, or arrange visits, to factories throughout China. See below for more details.

6) We will inspect your goods before packing. With electrical and electronic goods we actually turn on and perform basic procedures on each item before accepting. Other goods are inspected for quality, finish, consistency of colors, etc. depending on the products.

7) Packing and shipping. We usually ship by DHL courier. We have excellent relations with our agent and get exceptionally good rates. When packing our people are experienced and will "double box" some goods in order to make sure they arrive safely. Frankly it took several years to convince our staff that using the absolute cheapest cartons and packing was not actually in our overall interests. At this point our "Shipping Lady" maintains a crew that is second to none.

Custom Services Offered:
In addition to simply locating and arranging standard orders, we can also provide the following custom services:

Branding your products with your own logo. Depending on the material we can often have this done in orders as small as ten or twelve pieces.

Custom cases and colors for products. We can arrange custom designs / logos and colors for such items as phones, tablets, cases, speakers and many other products.

Printing custom packaging. We currently supply custom printed boxes (both 1 piece flat fold and 2 piece bottom and cover), bubble/blister packs, shrink packs, zip type hang bags with card inserts to various clients. Considering shipping costs we have shipped goods fully packaged, or in bulk with the packaging disassembled for lower shipping prices. We are totally flexible and pride ourselves is producing solutions that work best for our clients.

Start-up Screen Customization. Our close relationship with many phone and tablet factories often allows us to have custom start-up screens and sounds provided.

Please understand that for many of the above services there are varying Minimum Order Quantities, possible one time set-up / mold fees, etc. With custom boxes / packaging we can often make arrangements with the main product supplier to store the custom packaging within their factory at no extra cost and use as necessary as your orders are placed.

Factory Visits Possible
We can arrange visits to factories, either by our own buyer or through a network of correspondents around China. Personal visits ensure the alleged factory is legitimate and also give an overall indication if the products seem to have the required quality and the attitude of the management is supportive.

Such visits are certainly not always recommended, but should you wish that extra peace of mind, we can most assuredly manage this for you. There are no set fees for this service, as each visit has it's own travel, lodging, ground transport, food and lodging costs. We can furnish an estimate for your approval should you consider this service.

Inspection Before Shipping
Most of the orders we place for our clients and customers we will also inspect and package for shipment in our Shenzhen Distribution Center. Larger orders from manufacturers some distance from Shenzhen will be inspected and verified by one of our representatives prior to shipping.

We arrange smaller shipments by DHL to addresses around the world. For larger container and partial container shipments, we suggest having a shipping agent in your own country make all arrangements from picking up the shipment from us or where more practical, directly from the FOB point.

Where do we fit in? We are a link in the supply chain.
You could even refer to us as the dreaded "middleman" that everyone is so anxious to bypass or eliminate. It's true, we do not make any of the products we take orders for. Far more important than the goods we supply or make arrangements for is the security we offer and the trading experience we provide. Our actual working knowledge of how things are done in China, our relationships with the companies we represent, the trust the Chinese companies have with us creates a smooth, level pathway to satisfied procurement for you.

And while you may feel you are paying us for doing nothing, we can often save you money. Our Chinese buyers can often negotiate better prices than you will get elsewhere. Our shipping agent handles hundreds of parcels daily and has much better rates than any one company will offer. Clients are often surprised at how much lower our shipping costs are, compared to what they get using their own accounts with the international couriers.

And there is never a fear of having sent off your money to a stranger. We can provide numerous references from other clients. We will hold your funds in our Hong Kong bank until the agreed upon time for payments. On a larger contract, where a deposit is required, we will pay just the deposit amount upon your instructions and hold the balance until the order is complete.

Group Buys Welcome
There are many times when individual buyers simply cannot meet the minimum order requirements of factories offering the desired goods. In such situations we can act as the Sourcing Hub for two or more buyers interested in the same products to coordinate a Group Buy, where they combine their requirements in order to take advantage of several conditions:

a) A group can combine quantity or dollar amounts in order to meet suppliers' minimum order requirements.

b) A group of buyers who can actually each meet the minimum order requirements can still combine their "buying power" to achieve greater discounts.

c) In certain situations it may be advantageous for a group to form in order to combine their orders into one shipment to a single location in the receiving country and then making local arrangements for distributing the individual quantities to the respective buyers.

Group buys can be arranged in several ways. Most common is for one buyer to contact others offering similar goods through direct contact, online forums or other social media. Another possible way is to notify us of your needs and we can advertise the need for additional buyers to meet the minimums or lower the cost. Contacts can also be made through trade associations, some of which may happen to offer order consolidation services to their members.

As with our other services, the benefit of using us as the consolidator is that everyone's funds are safe and there is no "sorry guys, we got scammed and the money is gone" sad story instead of the goods as a result.

Trust AND Verification
You can trust us to verify sources, place and handle orders and represent you and your interests as a reliable partner in China.

Sorry, we cannot supply international "name brands". We specialize in "unbranded" and "China brand" goods. We do not deal with replica, fake or counterfeit goods, please don't ask for them.

We welcome your inquiries.
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