Keyword research - what should I look for?


I think my downfall so far with SEO was the keyword research, at the start of the project, I didn't do anything besides see how many searches it had, didn't check competition or nothing like that because I didn't really know how to check if it was high competition or low competition.

When doing keyword research what am I looking for? High comp with high search, low comp high search etc. Also, how can I actually see how hard it will be to rank highly for that keyword, is there any tools for this?

You want to be using keywords that are low competition and high volume. This way its easier to get up in the search rankings based off link building.

Use Google webmaster tools to show you what keywords are doing well and get lot of visitors and what may be your downfall in Seo.
Thanks for that James. '' SocialBookmarkings'' it seems you are posting very very limited information, on all 5 comments you made today. Getting a bit suspicious that your just here to create back links. Forgive me if i'm wrong, but that's the way it seems
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Hi Ben,

As James has said the ultimate thing you are looking for with keywords is high search volume and low competition in an ideal world - but also make sure its words that relate directly to your business obviously, think about what people searching for your products would use - also I have found this infographic which may be of some use to you for helping with key word research:

Check it out and hopefully it will help.
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Hello Ben,

What a coincidence! I just posted this article/ help video on How to do Keyword Research on our Facebook page :) Hope this helps you find traffic targeted keywords!

Also if you need a reliable keyword tool, please feel free to try our free SEO software, Traffic Travis.

All the best!

Thanks for that guys. Another thing which I just can't get my nut around is the best way to build links. I know everything about building links and it should be natural etc, but I can't seem to get a routine together, even after watching numerous of 2012 seo videos and listening to people about how I should create backlinks to compete on the first page with competitive keywords.

Apr 24, 2007

Have a Twitter, Facebook, Google + profiles set-up for your website and post each time you add new article on your website. That will get your new page indexed almost instantly.

Next - have easy to share buttons on each page of your website (Twitter, Facebook, +1)

Content distribution - turn your content into multiple formats and submit to content sharing websites:

* Video
* Audio (podcasts)
* Infographics
* Presentations
* PDFs

Next - comment on related blogs, forums in your niche. Do it on a daily basis.

Lastly - if you have something worthwhile coming up, do a press release and distribute it via PR networks.

Rest of it - hard work and taking action! On a daily basis.

Good Luck! ;)
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