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Laura Vita

+33 (0)7 61 07 22 23
395bis Rue du Général de Gaulle
59700 Marcq en Baroeul
Apr 23, 2020
Created in 2004 in the north of France, Laura Vita is a combination of two names.

Laura: inspired by the Latin word "laurus", translated as "laurel" and carries a meaning of glory, victory and by extension, joy.

Vita: from the Latin "vita", meaning life.

The Project & Creation Methodology​

The thirst for pure creativity, the quest for freedom and comfort compatible with an active woman's life in a spirit far removed from trends.

The very discreet designer, a medical doctor and a doctor of biology, founded the brand with a view to giving modern women a footwear product that is beautiful, different and comfortable. Perhaps due to a lack of academic styling training, or a design methodology based on the foundations of research, the products increasingly stood out for their unique appearance and colours. Soon the eclectic, sometimes crazy, sometimes romantic style became established.

Today, closer to the reality of everyday life and still imbued with a unique strength of character, Laura Vita products are dedicated to giving women a way to fully express their personality; ignoring convention and preconceived ideas.

The Values​

Discretion. The designer refuses any promotion not associated with Laura Vita products. Our products do the talking. And the place is made for you. Our job is to create, test, produce and present them to you.

Freedom of expression in clothing #LauraVita. We like to see our customers express themselves in their own way and wear our products as they want. There is no such thing as a Laura Vita woman. She is multiple, changeable, unique as she wishes. We like to see her in all colours, shapes, styles, languages and cultures. Our products help you express yourself, they don't dictate how you should look and behave. On the contrary.

Top quality, vegetable tannedleather used whenever possible and applied by hand for less waste in nature.

Always new materials. The unused surplus is reintroduced in small limited series, often single pairs. These limit waste, help to expand the range and test new products. It also allows our design offices and workshops to continue working even in slack periods. If you are interested in these products, contact us here

The fit and comfort are designed for the greatest number of people. The designer and her collaborators try out the products before they are launched. The models are all different women. The emphasis is on walking comfort, ease of putting on the product and adjustments.

Affordable prices in line with the materials and resources used. We do not practice a policy of inaccessibility. We do not accept a policy of price wars and lower quality to the detriment of our customers, employees and service providers.

Courage employing women in key positions in the company, providing internal training and making room for young talent. To join us, send your CVs here.

A production line on a human scale.
Our workshops, spread around the world, are supervised and regularly checked. They are small in size and allow local employees to live well in a family environment.

We are working to use more and more packaging FSC certified and others. Currently, cardboard shipping packaging with the Laura Vita label is. In the near future, polystyrene moulds will no longer be used in shoes from the new production waves from 2021.
If it takes time, it is because we do not have the same human and financial resources as the large groups. We do things at our own pace, to the best of our ability.