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Sep 26, 2012
London, UK
AMZscout is one of the top companies in the Amazon seller space. They’ve managed to get the trust of over half a million of users since they first came up on the market. They’ve created a series of tools that have been updated and polished over the years and have become a must have for a great number of Amazon sellers. @AMZScout makes a lot of effort to better adapt to their users preferences both when it comes to optimizing existing tools as well as creating new ones. If you are an AMZScout user, you know what this means and how seriously your feedback is taken and how many get rewarded for it.

The tools themselves are meant for beginner Amazon sellers just as much as they are meant for experienced veterans and a lot of large companies that have massive portfolios on Amazon are using the tools as well.

Selling on Amazon might seem easy when you first hear about it. That is simply not the case, it is far less time consuming since you don’t have to worry about shipping inventory and handling, but the strategic, planning and decision making is just as hard as any other business. Considering how many types of products are sold on Amazon and how many people are selling them, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged before even starting.

AMZScout tools are primarily made so that you can see what's going on beneath any page on Amazon and pick out the exact information you need in order to make the best, most well educated decision. Market intelligence on Amazon is very complex and without it you would be left with having your best guess, which simply isn’t enough when it comes to making decisions you need to back up with your hard earned money. This is why it’s important to have all the information you possibly can. Almost equally as important is to have that information presented in a very well organized user friendly way. Apart from precision, AMZScout focuses on tie efficiency as well. After a very short time of using any of the tools you’ll be able to see how every single bell and whistle is there for your convenience. Things like, the ability to extract .cvs files from any query you make, the ability to save your findings as well as compare them side by side, the ability to check historical data and trends or the option of finding a supplier at the click of a button and a lot more. In fact If you have used AMZScout from being a total beginner and have matured as a seller you will start to mature as a user. The truth is, AMZScout tools offer crucial data to beginners that helps them make heads or tales of Amazon. However, the sheer amount of different data points is not something that a beginner can make full use of, which is why the more experienced you get the more ways you find of customizing and using what AMZScout tools offer you, which is how people actually become great successful sellers.

Their most prominent tool, the AMZScout Pro Chrome extension basically allows you to “pull the veil” of every conceivable page on Amazon. This includes the search results for any keywords, as well as deals pages, category pages or even single listing along with every recommended or advertising product on it.

You can see how many sales any product has, the sales and rank history, the top indexed keywords, the total fees for selling it and basically any other piece of information you can possibly need. Along with that, the extension has a very sophisticated and intuitive scoring system for any niche or individual product. On top of that, you can fully customize it’s columns and apply any filters that suit your search criteria.

When you don’t want to browse Amazon and look for interesting products, you can search from the other end. The AMZScout WebApp contains a product database that is constantly updated with virtually every single product on Amazon and it allows you to sift through all of it using your own criteria. You can choose the number of reviews, the rating, sales, category and just click search and you are left with a list of great potential product ideas.

The WebApp also includes The Keyword explorer which gives you the monthly searches for every keyword you can think of. There is also the keyword tracker that allows you to track the organic ranking of your product on your main, most relevant keywords.

Apart from the tools, Amzscout offers a great deal of resources in forms of courses, material such as lists of new trending niches which are exclusively available to AMZScout users.