Jun 6, 2020
Good Morning.

I am an international student studying in the UK residing under a student visa. I am in the need of money for my university fees. I do not have sufficient time to perform any part-time work due to my time-consuming Uni projects. I would like to bring custom made clothing from India/Bangladesh/China and sell them online in the UK. I need your guidance to start the business. It will be a small business with little investment.

· What is the legal requirement to start an online sale in the UK?

· Is there any license required for an international student to start a part-time business? If yes how to register?

· What are the applicable Taxes for online products in the UK ?

· My plan is to start with high-quality custom (My brand) T-Shirts and Shorts for Men, later to diversify to leather products.

· Please suggest a few forwarding and clearing agencies that help to import goods from abroad.