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Hi I am just writing to enquire if anyone knows of any lingerie and hosiery suppliers in the UK. I have searched the net night after night looking for UK based suppliers but have so far come up with little or nothing. I would be very grateful if anyone has any suggestions about this. Many thanks.

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Hi thanks for your reply. I have checked the membersite for suppliers but have not found anything that really offers to much in the way of lingerie. Most sell branded goods which I am not really interested in. I am looking for basic underwear suppliers at reasonable prices. Hope someone can help. Many thanks.
Have you tried phoning some of the larger suppliers in Manchester/Birmingham (particularly those without websites) as I am pretty sure that a number of them will stock unbranded underwear - I can't be much help with specific recommendations I am afraid since I have never traded in this line myself.


A good supplier of hoisery i.e. tights and stockings is Sintillation in London
They do have a minimum order of about £50 + p&p

Hope that helps


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i think all there stuff is plain but i'm not sure.
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