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Hi everybody, I've been lurking here for the last couple of months trying to take in as much of the info and help that's very kindly available here - so now I thought I'd take the plunge and say "hello".

Basically I'm not looking to become a millionaire or anything like that - I'm just looking to make a bit of extra cash. I've sold a few watches by dropshipping - but the thing just wasn't profitable - by the time ebay and paypal fees had taken their fees I was barely breaking even.

I've got a webpage - which I'm yet to uitlise fully. It currently hosts an advert for an e-book.

So, with Christmas fast approaching, I'm looking to get myself set up in time to make a few extra quid. I'll use ebay first, but I'd also like to start selling stuff from my own website.

I've got this far and realised I don't really know what advice I want!!! But if anybody wants to offer some - please do!!!!

You could accept my offer of a free eBook that tells you how I did it.

You might like to buy Richard's warehouse list that tells you where to buy stuff.

You could also set up a web site purely to make money from Google "Adsense" as I've been advocating.

There's insufficient time to "cash in on Christmas" via a new web site so Ebay is probably the best immediate bet.

Dec 6, 2002
try this

Hi Frankiefurbo,

You're starting out with the right attitude so that's good.

The best bet for you would probably be to ask some wholesalers near you about what is the hot gadget for this christmas (I've noticed that there are remote control toys about again, but I'm going to do a bit of research) and get a good deal and go for it.

As always it's really better to find a niche area with less competition, but if you're starting out you'll probably spend so much time trying to find your niche, you'll miss christmas.

I would suggest that you make the most of your advertising options on Ebay to get traffic to your website. Set up a newsletter/autoresponder series with which to start building your website business ready for when you focus on it more.
If you need to know more about this, either read 'the silent sales machine hidden on ebay' (as per Richards link at the top of the forum), or get Richards great Joe Kumar '30 days to internet Success' ebooks (he's paid out his own money to offer them to us cheaper from him than just about anywhere else online). This will give you loads of information on how to start your website business ready for when you go for it.

The secret is in building a list of customers which you can establish a relationship with over time. There's no time like now for starting that.

Good Luck.

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Oct 17, 2003
re: advice

Hi Frankiefurbo,

Looks like you're in a fairly similar situation to me here in that you're looking for a) what to sell,
where to sell it, and c) where to buy it from (at the right price!) in the first place.

These look like common questions as I've seen a number of posts on this forum (and others) and the common answer almost always seems to be along the lines of "sell things that you personally like/enjoy" because these are things that you know a little about, and more importantly can be honestly enthusiastic about (and yes, I do believe that people can tell whether someone is really enthusiastic about something - even if you just read their literature/adverts etc.).

I must admit that while I appreciate I have a little way to go before I really get cracking on this, thanks to this forum I now have an idea about some of the things I *won't * be selling (because margins are too low and/or competition too high) so will be trying to find my own niche.

I personally don't think that I'm going to find my niche, research the niche, source supplier(s), get the stock, and get up and running on e-bay ready in time to make money for Christmas - to me I think it's more of a longer game (I don't want to rush in and make a mess when a little time and preparation can help me do a proper job first time around).

Having said all of that, one of the threads in this forum mentions items that are along the lines of stocking fillers (< £10) which I think may be a good start if you want something quick as they should be fairly easy to source at a decent price (supposing you've already got Richard's excellent wholesale list) and if you pick your product well they should shift fairly quickly.

I certainly agree with the earlier comments about making the most of your advertising opps on e-bay as building up a steady stream of visitors to any web site can take time so you've got to use every resource you can (but please, please make sure that the site has something that people will want to see and come back to otherwise you're relying on new business/customers again and again as opposed to building up a loyal customer base).

There - that's my two-pennies worth - hope it helps

I use Ebay but only as a means of getting people to my web site. I find it too much like hard work!

This is a link to an item I put on just to demonstrate to a friend how it's done. If I count my time in the costing, I'll make a loss overall, although the item was free.

To earn any decent money you need the "Buy Now" facility. I'm not sure how it works now but you used to have to complete a certain number of sales before you could get that. You can also set up an Ebay shop but I haven't done that. I prefer to get people to my web site where I use a (free) shopping cart system. It can be linked to Paypal or whatever you use to take the payments.

In the long term, you can also make decent money from Google "Adsense" (see my other threads on this). The sooner you start to build a web site, the sooner you'll start to earn.

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