Looking for dog food suppliers.

Hi Everyone, My name is Leigh. I've joined because I've got a brand name in mind that I would like to bring to life. It is a dog food brand which will hopefully be for fussy dogs.

So the idea I had was to try and target people who have fussy eaters. So obviously the food needs to be very tasty but also healthy if that's possible. I was thinking about going the raw food route but then I realised I would need freezers and that would be a bit of a headache. Not to mention delivery costs and times with frozen foods. So I think dry food would be better or canned foods for wet food which will not need to be frozen.

I mean if I could get a good supplier for raw frozen food I would still take a look again but after searching I cant find a good one and I'm also struggling for the suppliers for the dry dog food even. With the frozen raw I did talk to some suppliers but they said if I got really big they might struggle to supply the demand?

So I'm also looking for a supplier that can supply huge amounts each month quickly if needed because I plan to setup my brand on a monthly subscription. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I need to be able to compete with all the dog food brands on Amazon so please help if you can.

Thanks in advance.