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Looking for Kids / Childrens Footwear Shoes Trainers (Branded)

May 1, 2022
Looking for kids Shoes, trainers. Branded. Van, adidas, or anything else you can offer. WIll start with a small order, but looking ofr a supplier who can supply large qty's.

Let me know what you have .

Thank you.
Looking for Brand New,

Jul 19, 2022
Do you know any other sources of children's stuff? I mean clothes, shoes, toys, pillows, and other appliances. I need wholesale but not too much like for a small shop. I would rather order something qualitative than cheap because I want people to come back and buy from me more. People who can afford those close would buy them, and those who cannot afford them will not buy something that will not be good for a lot of money. In other words, I need something like the products from Bäst i test because I like them and buy them for my kids too. But they are located quite far away, and I am not sure about ordering more.
I'm liquidating 20 pairs of girls patent leather Burberry shoes retailing for $225 each pair.
They are shelf pulls with clearance tags, no boxes, size ranges 28 to 33. The lot retails for $4500.00,
but I can let them go for $925.00 USD.

If you are interested send me your email address and I can send you more details.
Jun 24, 2022
Hi! I'm Joanna from Fleek (www.joinfleek.com). We connect vintage stores and resellers with high-quality and affordable wholesalers from around the world. We can absolutely help with this. Email us at (E-mail hidden for privacy) to learn more!