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Making money from trends: what Squid Games can teach us

You would have to have been
simpsons squid game.jpeg
hiding in a cave in the past month to miss the phenomena that is "Squid Games" - the Korean hugely stylised drama. It has just been announced as the most streamed programme ever on Netflix, and the most interesting part from an eCommerce point of view is the fortuitous release just before Halloween, which has been a gift for sellers across the world.

A quick search of eBay currently provides 11,508 results of costumes, t-shirts, baseball caps, game packs and key rings. Online sellers have moved quickly to produce the green tracksuits featured in the program, and replicate the pink boiler suits and distinctive masks. According to Sole Supplier - the slip-on White Vans Trainers featured in the program have had an increase in sales of 7,800% (no there's not an extra 0 in there!). Alot like much of the 2 years, streaming means that trends that were usually restricted to territories, are now very quickly and suddenly a global shared experience.

Film and TV paraphernalia has always been a big business, I myself own a hipflask from "Underworld" after being at an auction where it was being sold for £5 along with the signed DVD and hairbangle!

It's probably too late to jump on the Squid Games phemomenon now, unless perhaps you can produce some creative business cards, or want to make the honeycomb dalonga sweets to sell people for Christmas gifts and games. (Here's a link to the recipe if that takes your fancy to sell or just for holiday day amusement!).

The key to the lesson is realising trends early and getting ahead of what is going to be popular. In the same way big companies employ "Trend Hunters" to work out what is going to be cool and jump on the bandwagon - a little research on a regular basis can help you forecast what might be profitable and be able to pivot quickly to increase your stock supply!

Clothing & Accessories: Vogue release a report well ahead of each season as the self-appointed experts on the topic. Spoiler is mini-skirts, oranges, vertical stripes, trench coats and see through fabrics feature heavily.

Film: Given how far head film is planned it won't take long to find out that there are some BIG slated franchise movies for 2022 - Jurassic Park, Batman, Fantastic Beasts (from Harry Potter Universe), Top Gun Maverick, Avatar 2 - and the brilliant thing about these is most are either reboots or sequels and it doesn't take a genius to know what might feature (Dog Tags and Blue body paint anyone?)

Any other trends you think we're in for?