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[MINI DEEP TISSUE MUSCLE MASSAGER]-Evieun Professional massage gun are mini but powerful enough.It is convenient to carry it.Hand-held massage gun massages different parts of the body with the most comfortable tapping, which canfully warm up during exercise, wake up vitality, and prevent injuries.

[STRONG ENDURANCE BATTERY]-After a full charge,it can be used for about 6-8 hours.Please note: Please use Typec charging adapter to charge,Which can Charge for 5 minutes, Use for one hour. If you use other ordinary USB interface to charge, the charging time will be longer.

[3 SPEEDS]-- With 3 speed settings, easy to operate, this is the most powerful solution for deep muscle work, accelerated warm up and recovery. Many customers have reported reduced recovery time after their workout, improved blood circulation and range of motion.
[3 MASSAGE HEADS]:Muscle Massager is equipped with Three different shaped massage heads to help the user to relax different body parts. Round Head: large muscle group; Flat Head: used for any part of your body;Capsule Head: used for joints, deep tissue and triger point.

[LOWEST NOISE]--The professional deep tissue massage gun has 16V brush-less motor and quite glide noise reduction technology that bring high power but low noise experience(less than 40dB). You can use it at home, gym,office.
►Amplitude:The main difference of percussion and vibration massage is amplitude. 8mm depth can brings you percussion massage
Speed: Adjustable speed is important as you may find different speeds feel better on different body parts and individual difference.
►High quality Material :Our Massage Gun was made of Polycarbonate material , Polycarbonate was used in the shell last time, which has the engineering characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, cold and heat resistance, anti-strike resistance, and high light transmission.
►With 3 interchangeable massage heads:Spherical head :Suitable for large muscles of arms, lower back, buttocks.Flat head : It is suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscle parts.Capsule Head: used for joints, deep tissue and triger point.

What are the advantages of Fascia Gun
►Long Battery Life:16V power lithium battery 2500mAh large capacity.
►high performance: With high torque electric shock, the speed reaches 2800r / min.
►Lowest noise:Using a new generation of noise reduction technology.
►Using a new generation of vortex cooling technology, refuse to get hot.

Description:►Battery capacity: 2500mAh
►Rotating speed:Max: 2800r/min Min:1600r/min
►Amplitude: 8MM
►Package: Fascia Gun, 3 massage heads, USB charging cable
Don't not insert or touch the gap between the,assage head and the shell with your fingers or other objects during use,so as not to pinch.
Please don't use on bones or weak muscle groups.

feel free to contact with us: (E-mail hidden for privacy), whats app: 07846451951


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