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Most useful software you'd recommend to people

I've got an old version of JASC Paint Shop Pro that is similar to Photoshop. It does what I need it to do.
Me too, Version 6 does all I need it to. I also use a product called Bling it! http://www.blingit.us/ which is used to eliminate fussy backgrounds and make a uniform colour scheme across my products. It can also add shadows that make an item stand out from the background, and can compress images if you need to. Loads of other features and a free 15 day trial.
Jun 11, 2011
Sellbrite: A web based inventory control system. It keeps inventory on all platforms in sync. If you have items in different locations you can set up a warehouse for each location and choose which warehouse the order is fulfilled from. This is particularly useful if you use FBA and you want to go away on holiday. You can select to fulfill orders from the FBA warehouse. So you can be sat on a beach and your eBay and website orders are being fulfilled. ☀
Ranker X if you want to build a micro blogs platforms and publish in auto mode hand written/ or spunned content, it works great as a 1st tier source of backlinks
Scrapebox - this is very usefull tool, many think it is only for spamming ,but most of people use it as a swiss knife to many different not backlinks building things.
GSA SEO indexer - for getting your backlinks indexed
Guys, you probably won't believe me but the most useful software I've ever discovered is a mirror for torrents. In case you don't know what is a "mirror" - A mirror site is a website or set of files on a computer server that has been copied to another computer server so that the site or files are available from more than one place. A mirror site has its own URL, but is otherwise identical to the principal site." I think this way you'll understand what's that. Through mirror for torrents like The Pirate Bay you can download any content you wish.

So, yeah, that's my discovery.)

well, mirrors exist already for so long, but it's still very hard to find one that works
thanks for sharing