Offer Ended/Closed Mr. Magic

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Mr. Magic is a more than just an all-round mixer. It's a 8-in-1 Kitchenaid!

  • Mixing
  • Stirring
  • Grinding
  • Crushing
  • Chopping
  • Pureeing
  • Hitting
  • Storing
Very fast fully opertional, easy to clean in a modern design.

This great kitchenaid is perfect for smoothies, pesto, whipped cream and everything you can imagine!

Price €16,99 take all €14,50 141 pieces

Mr. Magic.jpg
Mr. Magic2.jpg
Mr. Magic3.jpg
Mr. Magic4.jpg

It is only the items in the picture.
Plug is EU.

Any more info, let me know.
Not open for further replies.