selling i tunes vouchers and a memory stick. hmmm i sent him a letter and still no reply..... i want my stuff!!
If it is mr.mobiles/fonexs then as they are paypal payments he is ready to run after extracting money as quickly as possible.

Poetic justice on ebay/paypal
Aug 27, 2007
i left a pos but left the word thanks for simcard! JUST TO LET OTHERS KNOW
Aug 27, 2007
unlimited.221 definatly, if hes not il do a form streak! put it this way thats how confident i am. iwon 2 sim cards from this and yougroups, didnt pay for any and both came in the post. both private feedback etc

I actually got the USB pen today - and it works

Came from Hong Kong

by airmail

I now also have the address of the seller in HK too
His nome could well be Steve, although the poor English he demonstrates and the HK material made me think he was possibly chinese/HK.
It could be two people of course. Anyone been to Steves auto traders?
this is the email i sent Steve....

> Hi steve,
> Mr mobiles, fonexs, mylistpeer, adn unlimited.221, steves
> autotraders or whatever else you are known by! I am still waiting for my 2
> pen drives!!You have had my money and i am still awaiting delivery. If i
> dont here from you in the next couple of days i WILL be informing the police
> and trading standards. I have all your details and they will be past on to
> the relative departments on tuesday morning unless i hear from you regarding
> my items. I see i am not the only person you are trying to scam so i would
> watch out if i was you - there are alot of pissed off people at the moment
> with your ebay scams!! I suggest you do something about it rather quickly...
> Michelle Depledge

And this is the reply i got...

what are you saying?please advise


- very crap english i say - think this is 100% the same person as mylistpeer etc!
Sep 18, 2007

Following on from the previous posting I also emailed a couple of days ago and got a similar response:

My email:

> Hiya,
> Are you gonna send me the mp3 player you owe me from trading as dana.rack?

His response:

>what do you mean then ?who is dana.rack?
>please advise

If this guy is genuinely nothing to do with dana.rack or any of the other alias ids then why ask us to advise what we mean?
yeah if we got it wrong then he would have been very offended by us accusing him but he blatenlty is all those ids so wants us to advise him on what to do. what a jerk - someone needs to seriously kick his ass!!