Service Offer National Leaflet, Brochure and Magazine Distribution Service

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Mar 4, 2009
Hi guys,
We are now able to offer a targeted leaflet, brochure and magazine distribution service as part of our overall marketing marketing service.
How can leafleting helping your business?

Recent (2007) DMA (Direct Marketing Association) Research shows Door drops make people do things:
  • 96% of respondents were aware of receiving leaflets, free samples, circulars and free publications through their letterboxes.
  • On average, 72% of respondents had taken some action as a result of receiving unaddressed door drop items through their letterbox.
  • Of the respondents that have taken action following the receipt of door drops, the majority had done so several times.
  • 84% of respondents and their families have taken action on receipt of a ‘money off’ coupon.
  • Free samples & supermarket offers had prompted some form of action by more than 80% of the sample base.
  • Nearly 80% of respondents had reacted as a result of receiving either a National or Local Government leaflet.
Door drop recipients were 10% more likely to take some form of action, when compared to recipients of direct mail.

How do you backcheck your distributions ?

We have a special system we've developed to ensure that you're deliveries are being made effectively. We include a leaflet from ourselves promoting leaflet distribution jobs available. We then sort the responses by postcode to ensure that the leaflets are being delivered and to the correct areas. We also train our staff on how to place the leaflets through the recipients letterbox in such a way that it optimises visibilty and exposure for you, our client.

How much will this cost?
Your leaflet delivered on its own:

Delivery share plan (when available)

Delivered alongside 1 other item: from £40.00 per 1000
Delivered alongside 2 other items: from £35.00 per 1000
Delivered alongside 3 other items: from £30.00 per 1000
For Magazines and Papers

Depending on times, size and weight: £65.00 per 1000
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