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Guide Our free product trend guide for 2022-23

I recently spoke at the White Label Expo about picking goods to sell online to make money and we thought it would be useful to turn into a downloadable free eBook for our users! You can download here... but here's a taster of our top picks of cultural themes that are currently trending - these should inform what you are stocking with for the next 18 months.

1. Uncoupled Living
Gone are the days of households being defined a 2.4 family. Choosing to live permanenlty by yourself has become common, and still is an untapped market with a high disposable income. Service these consumers to increase your sales. We expand this in the eBook to show how you can pick products.

2. Sleep
The world has turned a brighter light during the past 2 years onto personal wellness. One of the most consistent themes has been sleep. Most importantly getting more good quality rest. Pick products for your online store to help with this trending goal!

3. Near Nostalgia
It was recently discovered that showing adults pictures from their childhood can act as a painkiller. After the past 2 years is it any wonder people are searching our the mind's equivalent of comfort food? Think about products that have this retro/vintage feel. This week the bbc talked about the trend for rejecting smartphones in favour of "dumbphones" reviving purchases of old handsets.

4. Ethical Decedance
As sustainability and a move away from "throwaway" products continues to have an impact on buying decisions, people are instead buying quality and opulence to last. The evolution of "Hyggae" is comforting decadence. Make sure your brand & products reflects it.

5. Pets
If lockdown was about getting pets, then 2022-2023 is about living with them in a way that feels stylish and practical. From pet furniture, to feeders, to generally making them happy - there's no product that can't be looked at with a pet in mind!

6. Hybrid Working
2022 means the return to the office. Don't just think about office equipment, sales of car comfort products have increased. What about flat shoes for commuting, smart clothes for more than your top half, lunchboxes and noise cancelling headphones to deal with colleagues. Remember selling bulk to businesses will increase your revenue line!

For this, more specific products and things to avoid, download the eBook for free now!
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