Offer Ended/Closed Pallet of Vaccum Cleaners

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I currently have 5 Pallets of Vaccum Cleaners from a leading online retailer in stock and more arriving weekly. The below offer is one of the mentioned pallets, if you would like info on any others please feel free to message me.

Pallet of Vaccum Cleaners - 18 Units ( Breakdown of the pallet contents available in the downloadable Excel sheet attached )

Original RRP Total - £1,433

MOQ - 1 Pallet

Sell Price - £325 ex

Stock location - UK Stock

Prices do NOT include VAT or Delivery.

Pallets are made up of Overstock, Customer Returns or a mixture of the 2.
Our raw returns are just that, we do not cherry pick or remove any better items.

Loads of other Pallets available on request.

Contact Details - (E-mail hidden for privacy)
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Email sent, Thanks for the enquirey
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