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May 30, 2005
Amen. Your quick sale is their possible chargeback. And if you wipe your bank account and close it, they are stuck making YOUR refund. The term is CYA, and they do a fair job of it. Personally, I'd like to have what they refund for others in a year.
May 19, 2008
nice post
my paypal account was restricted for 8 weeks, i could take payments but i could not withdraw, spend or close account down, the reason was i recieved a certain amount of payments so they asked me to forward proof of 5 confirmed deliveries , out of all the ones they picked they decided to ask for 3 in the UK and 2 in Australia. 2 of the uk were sent recorded so i thought there was no problem there, but i was so wrong. when we checked the numbers they were showing not trackable until delivered and this was weeks down the line, but the customer had recieved them the follwing day we sent ?.
the 2 in Australia again it showed that the item was in the hands of the australian post but this was not enough to confirm delivery.after over 20 calls 5 faxes they would not budge.Paypal held me ransom until i refunded 2 of the customers . then i had to wait 48 hours to see if everything was ok. well i hit another problem, a customer complained he did not recieve the goods which was a low value item 1.00 ,and we sent standard first class post, so again paypal refused to do anything until i refunded that one because i could not send any proof of delivery. then another 72 hours and last weekend we got our restriction removed,IMO paypal is a good thing for business but i personally hate it becasue you have no control, not like a bank were you can walk in and confront them, with paypal your on a long line waiting and waiting and whatever you have right now in your paypal account ,draw it out dont leave it in there.
also one other thing to be carefull about , i know it should not hapen but it possible does,if you were to take a payment for an expensive item and let the customer collect it, you now have no proof of delivery and if this customer was to claim there payment back, then paypal would refund it.
My account was suspended because of some illegal transaction..i don't know much about it...can anyone help me?
Just got my account suspended recently due to some suspicious high value transactions but they removed the suspension just today within 24 hours of me providing them the info they were waiting for.

Its a real pain no doubt but I have to say that I am impressed with their speed once they have got what they need
Jun 24, 2008
paypal problems

I have had a problem with Paypal, I purchased a couple of items off ebid, the seller offered insurance for the items, there address was verified, there Paypal account was verified, I had a feeling something was wrong when I got the item tracking number and when I checked in was wrong, I emailed the seller incase she had typed the number incorrectly, the seller answered after two days saying that was the number on the ticket, when the item did not sow up after a week (was suppose to be delivered within 2-5 days, I contacted paypal for advice, they stated that I had to wait longer for the delivery, I contacted the seller who egnored all emails, so after the items did not arrive after two weeks, I opened a dispute with the seller, after a couple of more weeks Paypall ruled in my favour, but then I was told that there was no money in her account to refund me, but paypal would do whatever it could to retreive the funds privately and because another department was dealing with the account they could not communicate with me regarding the matter, it has been 3 years now, Not one message has ever been sent to me regarding this matter, I cant ask paypal as they will not answer or tell me that they cant decuss because of customer privacy laws.
you need to give anythign at least 7 working days, unless its next day delivery or 1st class recoded delviery before the weekend.

ask the seller to scan or even do a close clear photo of the supposed ticket

jesues 3 years since this happened.

well its basically in your court , and with this i mean you need to take the seller to small claims, and you could legally get the adress and contact details and any detaisl paypal has of the seller from them via the court .

tell paypal to give you the phone number to the department that is dealign with the issue , and again if paypal are infact being neglegent according to their contract you signed up with when you jouend paypal and the fact they have a policy up for protection, go via the court and even sue paypal for neglect i think its called.
this is exactly why I now have a paypal account with false information. It has a virtual CC, and virtual bank account. Paypal has scammed me for alot of money ( someone hacked my account), and I will NOT alow this to happen again.

How do you have a virtual band account and virtual CC? Please explain that process to me. Thanks.
I remember a while ago, i advertised a phone as a 'pre-order' on EBAY. The release date got shifted and the buyer complained. I was fully verified but PayPal asked for my passport/driving licence, utility bills, and tracking details and blocked my PP and EBAY accounts. :-(

I couldnt provide tracking details until the phone was released and posted so I was stuck. But to my shock PayPal decided to 'end relations with me' and said my account would permanently stay reestricted!! Six months later they suddenly decide to restore account access and with no reason given!

The customer support on the phnoe is terrible!

May I ask... is PayPal really safe, I am very close to a deal with a US supplier, I am based in the UK. This deal would mean me Paying £4400 to the US supplier or $7300. The deal is not going through ebay.

Will I be covered if I do not get my goods, will I get my money back.

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Jun 7, 2009

May I ask... is PayPal really safe, I am very close to a deal with a US supplier, I am based in the UK. This deal would mean me Paying £4400 to the US supplier or $7300. The deal is not going through ebay.

Will I be covered if I do not get my goods, will I get my money back.

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

PayPal favours the buyer in these situations. If the goods were not received, simply start a PayPal claim and provide all the evidence, so make sure you keep records and logs of conversations/contracts etc.