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i wonder if someone could answer my question ! i paid for 2 ps3 80gb's back in july £440 was the final total - but the transaction was done outside ebay - he didnt supply them - paypal found in my favour but did not return any money - they say that the seller does not have any money in his account - i paid via mrs debenhams credit card - is there anything i can do other than write it off as a bad experience.
even though the transaction took place in july?
1. PayPal is a great option for payment, but if you have any kind of volume in sales you should immediately consider a merchant account as well. If PayPal decides to freeze your account you are no longer able to accept online payments and you WILL see your sales dramatically decrease. Just like the saying goes, NEVER PUT ALL OF YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET. (This is also good because PayPal is less likely to freeze if they see you have an established merchant account)

This is probably the best advice in regards to payment processors. Think of it as backup. You (hopefully) backup all your important business files. You should also have regular backups of all your web and database files, anything which you will cost you sales if it disappears!
if the package is claimed to be different/damaged etc.

they ould also get their bank to get paypla to reverse the payment like a buyer my end did which is why paypal then demanded i pay them £650 which is now in the hands of the fos
Jan 3, 2010
hi all has this happened to you before my account was limited for a couple of weeks which has now been restored and paypal are now holding funds for upto 21 days! this is so annoying would it help if i had a merchant account or doesnt it make any difference?
paypal is a complete an utter joke ive been using my mates account as mine was stopped and i could no longer use paypal. Anyhow after using my friends ebay and paypal for about 8 months with over £20k of transactions yesterday i looked and its been restricted asking for allsorts, invoices,proof of delivery,supplier information,photo id,

the account has been open since 2004 and im getting over 100 feedback a day and they still want proof of delivery!

A friend of mine who has over 100,000 feedback with over 600k transaction also had his restricted too :confused:

lets hope after all their requirements they lift the restrictions


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May 1, 2010
This is typically a good article for paypal user , thank you for your job :thumbup:
after being pissd around by paypal for the last few months - which meant i had to shut my ebay shop I have finally managed to get them to reverse their limitations. I rang financial ombudsman service who basically took down details and then forwarded onto paypal. paypal contacted me within 2 weeks and said they were sorry and would close the case! I dont know whether to be happy or sad as a flourishing business has been destroyed leaving me to borrow from friends and family for the last few months.

im gonna have to find the courage within me to start all over again!
In MHO PayPal has gotten too big.
They act like they are a government body and will misuse their power like any powerful organization.
They have no legal rights, correct me if I am wrong here, to any ones' drop shipper or suppliers.
If your customers receive their orders on time and in good condition, what right does PayPal have to ask you for your suppliers?
That's a 'None ya' reply to them.
Unfortunately at the moment I have to rely on them.
I have to agree with what has been said already, don't use them if you don't have too.
They froze my account and i had to set up a new one. To be honest, the best to do business online is by opening a business trading account with your bank and get your buyers/suppliers to trade through to save money and TIME


Dec 21, 2005
They froze my account and i had to set up a new one. To be honest, the best to do business online is by opening a business trading account with your bank and get your buyers/suppliers to trade through to save money and TIME

Did paypal tell you to open up another account? If not did they tell you what to do to unfreeze your account.

You can have 2 accounts however only 1 personal and 1 business account.
but I send a customer about 2000USD products,when I get him tracking number,he ask his bank for charge back.
I have made many times call to him,and I find every thing is OK

How can I don't refund his money,and protect my accounts?

I think you can contact paypal and try to explain it, and dont forget to scann and upload your shipping provement to paypal.


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Jun 11, 2011
Hong Kong
paypal is obvisely a good payment method. it's make international retail business possible. I just feel they charge too much for the transfer cost. I mean 4%~ that's huge. here in China, the third party payment method is free of charge~
PAYPAL is good and BAD..
GOOD because you can PAY for your products knowing you are covered by PAYPAL if the products
do not arrive..

BAD - if your products do not arrive and the seller or scammer gives PAYPAL a tracking number then PAYPAL
will say -'' The seller shipped the item so they cant get your money back..''

Happened to me long time ago..
the scammer gave PAYPAL a fake tracking and PAYPAL did not even investigate this, so stupid.. i bought
5 LAPTOPS and the scammer shipped a couple of magazines.
PAYPAL believed the scammer -!!! and i lost my money..
unfortunately too late for chargeback..

get the seller to take pictures of the stock they say they have with your name written on paper and date..
If they cannot do that - then they do not have any products !..
Aug 11, 2011
The story that made ​​me more careful, you are almost the same problems experienced by my brother. Can you tell me to denounce the institution of the relevant paypal? because my brother unilaterally be harmed. funds are stuck with no clearly tell what the cause.