Poll: Women do you agree? eBay says ability to sell online was a benefit during pandemic

Women Sellers - has selling online in the pandemic increased your household income?

  • Yes - increased

  • No - decreased

  • About the same

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An eBay report from eBay Main Street in the US found that:-

- 69% of women surveyed said the ability to sell on eBay was a benefit during the pandemic
- 82% of women who were new to eBay or increased thier selling did so because of Job Loss, reduction in income, illness, loss of childcare or some other hardship
- 74% of women reported that the ability to work from home is a benefit of selling on eBay that is important to them

These stats were much higher for men than women...

We want to survey our community and find out if Online Selling has increased your income? Or perhaps you learnt some lessons?

Please answer poll and any comments or advice for others below...
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