News Post Brexit: Northern Ireland facing supply issues in early days after Brexit

Sep 26, 2012
London, UK
Northern Irelanders are having issues now as an effect of Brexit.

As Northern Ireland did not leave the EU single market, their borders began applying new customs rules for lorries 1 January. As such, some lorries arrived at ports lacking or totally without the necessary paperwork to cross. Some manufacturers had food heading to Northern Ireland stuck due to lack of customs declarations, while others have their fleets diminished.

In addition to that, lorry drivers are also expected to provide necessary documentation that they are COVID free. This further halts the whole operation which since 1 January, have seen a decline of supplies passing through borders. As such, supermarkets in Northern Ireland are now having shortages, with some stocking shelves with other alternative products, or others, that have empty shelves in some lanes.

It is expected that this will change anytime soon, however, manufacturers are claiming they need to have more help in speeding up the process of complying to all necessary paperwork.