Product Trend Alert: Christmas trees and decorations

christmas banner.png

Retail Gazette reported today that British shoppers have purchased 60% more artificial trees and Christmas decorations compared to august last year. Balsam Hill (a Christmas retailer) have also reported a 145% increase in visitors to their website versus last year, and John Lewis had an August record high for festive searches on its website.

The prediction is that after the traditional big family Christmas was cancelled for so many last year, families are looking for a more extravagant Christmas this year, which means preparing and spending further in the future than usual, and also spending more on the festive season.

Balsam Hill chief executive Mac Harman said: “It’s clear that the UK is looking ahead to festive celebrations even earlier than usual, not only to catch up on lost time with family and friends over the past year, but to uplift their mood with some Christmas cheer after a summer indoors."

After we also reported last week that eBay are predicting a massive increase in home related product purchases (read article here) it looks like consumers are looking to spruce up their house and host a fun festive season!
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