Re Selling Designer Brands


I wonder if anyone can help?

We have been offered a few clearance offers of designer brands direct from the factory. What are the laws for reselling these?


The Fashion Warehouse
It will depend on the brand and if they're a licensed re-seller. You can protect yourself by confirming if they are a re-seller and any rules around distribution.

For example when I've had Sainsbury's or Amazon stock you have to delabel and can't mention their name, but when we bought overstock from Brand Alley they didn't care and we had permission to use the brands to sell
Thanks Helen for your reply. The stock is direct from the factroy as over stock and Cancelled Orders
If they are a manufacturer, then they should definitely be able to give you a guarantee around what their agreement is for disposal sales from the brand! If they can't, then it likely means that they are not supposed to re-sell, or they have none. So you check if the brand doesn't care before putting online, and risk getting a "cease and desist" and/or your shop closed down.