Rfid In Wms

Aug 5, 2019
Hi All,
We are a small startup company from Krakow specialized in RFID systems. After numerous researches, we noticed a lot of interest in solutions from the wms family, especially from the RFID in the warehouse sector. Together with some Polish companies we built a RFID based system for managing products on warehouses which is fitting to their needs. We are using cloud and mobile solutions what makes implementation quite cheap, easy to ue and flexible comparing to the existing solutions. We are planning to launch our product at the end of this year but before we will do this we would like to implement most important requirements from potential clients.

Now we are searching people who will help us to commercialize our solution, help us to find new clients and gather requirements from market. Is there anyone who would be interested with it?

Best Regards,
Przemo from Gware