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Mar 30, 2012
I'm not sure if there's a reason why they aren't listed by UK Mail ( The company I work for uses them, their customer service is great, really helpful and friendly. But they do seem to have problems with delivering to certain places and they seem to enjoy attempting deliveries but not leaving any trace or sign of the fact that they have been. I wouldn't say I highly recommend them but the choice is there for people :)
Jun 9, 2009
If you are sending low volumes of courier shipments then a broker such as Interparcel is for you. If you are doing any kind of volume - even 15 - 20 packages a week, you need to have an account with a courier - especially for international where the brokers will rinse you. I've just looked at and they are making £15 minimum on UK - US shipments for example.

Expect all the broker prices to increase - Yodel have been in the press over the weekend announcing prices will rise. With the Royal Mail prices increases it has opened the door for others to announce price rises.

DHL announced in January that they will no longer give discount pricing to the brokers (Interparcel, Parcel Monkey etc) - I think the days for sites like this are looking numbered.
For any items that are not time critical so they can be shipped by sea freight, please contact myself for pricing. (E-mail hidden for privacy)

Shipping by sea becomes the most economical option when shipments weigh around 80 kgs upwards and we have some great prices from China and USA right now.

Please feel free to check out our website to see what else we do -

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Jun 6, 2012
how much does Fedex and DHL charge to courier documents? has anyone here had documents couriered?
Jun 14, 2012
Superb List

I would recommend UPS (They guarantee the delivery date and are a little cheaper)

I would stay away from DHL for Time Sensative items as they take 2 days to clear their items thru customs (UPS/FEDEX takes 2 hours)
But the fact is that DHL is a cheaper then other couriers.
Sep 13, 2012
Hi what couriers is the best (cheap, fast , no long problem with customs ) CHINA >UK

dont write EMS /parcelforce because is horrible..
Please, which one of the courier is the cheapest in uk for parcel btw 2kg to 9kg. I understand Royal mail is better for stuffs less than 2kg. Thanks
UKMail or APC Overnight (For next day). You could also say Yodel (but wouldn't touch them with a bargepole). We personally use DHL because of the high standard of service and easy integration with our order management system, even if it does cost us a little bit more overall.
Nov 26, 2012
I usually try not to use couriers with Big names, you know. Ans when I sent a parcel from Wakefield to Norway through Beak Service (I won't share a link, you'll find it, if you need;))- an expensive collectible doll - everything was easy and fast! Only three days, andthis doll has already reached its destination!
^_^ thank you for the share
I know some people have issues with them (as can be said of all couriers) but from our experience Parcelforce have been an excellent partner for our business. As we sell heavy It equipment (servers) sending up to 1metre squared box upto 30KG either 48hr (£8) or 24 HR (£9) has been pretty good value for us as most of our items weigh around 20-28KG and are nearly a metre long. Only had 1 damaged box in the 2 years we've been using them which I think is pretty good seen as we ship items every day.

The European delivery through Parcelforce has not been too bad but not as good as it's handled by GLS - had some damaged boxes but luckily we pack the items very well so had no returns.

Went to send a small box (30cm x 30 cm - 30 cm) which weighed 200 grams the other day via Royal Mail. They wanted £5 for standard second class. Absolute joke if you ask me.
Jun 13, 2013
I have made good experiences with FedEx and DHL and never had any problems . Knock on wood! Nothing worse than parcels and freight getting "lost", being delayed or rising shipping rates.
Back in the day when I was working in my old job we used Hartl Transport for forwarding our products from the UK to Germany, Austria and Italy. Their online booking system, cargo-booking is quite handy. It's ftl only though!
Aug 5, 2014
If you are shipping in different countries, i recommend you to consider the possibility to store inventory in different warehouses in different countries, by example if you ship to SPain, you can have a distribution center there that can provide order fulfillment and integrate with your ecommerce to ship using local couriers like chronoexpress, seur, nacex, mrw, or correos (national post) and you will save alot in shipping to Spain.

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