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Shipping Couriers

Sep 24, 2014
I recommend Royal Mail over Parcel2Go, as we seemed to have nothing but trouble with them.
Hello guys
Need some advice, as never have used a courier for heavy items. Which courier would you recommend reliable and at reasonable prices?
My parcel is about 50-55 kg. Tried to book through Parcel2go but unfortunately the only one who does its Palletforce and is kind of expensive. TNT says on their "info box" that they do do up to 50kg max and 2.4meters length but when you enter the dimensions of the parcel on their quote tool (parcel2go) nothing comes up. It's quite confusing. I spoke to customer service of parcel2go to ask them about this and they told me that although is says on their info box that max is 2.4 meters is allowed its also a Volumetric weight. Didnt quite understand what they meant by that.

i have used a new company that makes delivery's from UK and Ireland to worldwide. Their name is Ghetrans LTD . they are a new company but they are very professional and smooth. i was impressed of their services and also satisfied. Ghetrans is a company that i strongly recommend to everybody.
Nov 27, 2014
You can't get much better than DPD in my opinion.

Yes, they can be a little more pricey than their competition but they are worth every penny for the service that they provide. An acquaintance of mine, who is in the healthcare industry, has all of this his contract logistics handled by this company - http://www.alloga-network.com/contract-logistics - worth a mention for anyone involved in that industry.
Depending on your daily volumes, we offer a free multi-carrier solution for businesses sending parcels on a regular basis.

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It has been some times since my last post here, untill today, here in Indonesia, nothing has beat DHL in speed. I hate to say this, but I will never use Registered Air Mail or EMS again. They can't even keep their delivery schedule on time. That sucks.

Fedex is pretty fast here, but their fee is just crazy high here. DHL is what I recommend.
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Aug 11, 2017
I send my postage to Ireland mostly via Ecoparcel. Can’t say anything bad about it and the customer experience has been very good for me so far. (Using it for several months now). And I enjoy their cash-back program!
@ParcelHero & @Parcelhub.co.uk something you can deal with?
I just spoke to Parcelhero and customer rep told me that don't do it because fragrances are classified as prohibited items.
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That's a shame, hopefully ParcelHub can help?

Thanks Cody,

Most carriers will accept these items but you will need to sign a dangerous goods/limited quantities agreement.

For more information please get in touch and a member of our sales team will review your current shipping setup:


Kind regards,

Perfumes are classed as flammable because they contain alcohol and thus are hazardous so you'd need to go to a hazardous courier. The big boys (UPS, FedEx etc) will do it for you if you are set up as a hazardous shipper. You will need an account and it's a 3-6 month process to become an approved hazardous shipper.
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Superb List

I would recommend UPS (They guarantee the delivery date and are a little cheaper)

I would stay away from DHL for Time Sensative items as they take 2 days to clear their items thru customs (UPS/FEDEX takes 2 hours)
That's not correct. If you do DHL paperless which is very simple you firstly don't need a commercial invoice and items are cleared in flight
Feb 12, 2011
Hi folks, which carriers would you recommend for outsize items (ie longer than Royal Mail parcel size / slim cylinder parcel size)? We have several products between 80 and 130cm in length, most of them are light but obviously fall outside RM size limits. (Would like to start stocking 2m long stuff too, if it can be couriered at reasonable cost?)