Shopify's trending products to sell in 2022

Shopify have announced their predictions for the top trending products in 2022 to help online sellers "have a winner's mindset"!

Some of the list is fairly predictable such as Toys, Neon Signs, and Office Chairs but a others such as Pens & pencils and Kitchen Towels surprised us as a growth area!

Here's the list, but to read the full article and the full detail within each category, click on the link at the bottom.
  1. Toys
  2. Shoes
  3. Pens and pencils
  4. Decorative bottles
  5. Drills
  6. Cutters
  7. GPS navigation systems
  8. Bras
  9. Motor vehicle parts
  10. Office chairs
  11. Projectors
  12. Kitchen towels
  13. Digital artwork
  14. Eyebrow enhancers
  15. Neon signs
  16. Tablet computers
  17. Water bottles
Full Article Here
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Probably the London element of my day of every over-priced coffee shop or bar wanting to have a Neon sign up saying "LOVE LIFE" or something similarly "hip" so people can put it on instagram!
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