Starting out

Apr 20, 2021

new here and to the industry. I’ve recently thought about setting up an online store to ultimately create more freedom over my time and location, with very little experience or knowledge in the area I looked at purchasing an existing business and read articles and watched videos online, I then came across a company offering courses on starting drop shipping, now after speaking with them I quickly got the impression that this was just a hard sell on nothing much in return, exclusive supplier lists etc just seemed too good to be true. So with some scepticism I did some research and found a few other companies offering similar services and started to wonder if there is actually any places offering genuine services like this? or if anyone has experience of these companies?

I came across this site which looks really great, I've read all the guides on here and they have been a big help but as I’ve not done anything like before someone that can offer some guidance would be really beneficial.

Thanks in advance
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