As a Sourcing Specialist in Asia, it allows me to supply you with the needs of Giveaways,
Promotional Items or Furniture, Decorations and Textiles. I export worldwide with products
not only limited from Bali, but from Indonesia and Asia Country`s. I am are a one-stop
Sourcing Specialist or your Staff.
My specialty as a sourcing agent
I specialize in being the Procurement in Asia that caters to your project. My field knowledge and
collaboration with a quality network of local partners that extends to Asia gives you access to a
large selection of products and services. I am are here to meet your needs and those of your
clients supplying a broad selection from all kind Products you need. I supervise from manufacturing
until export from Asia to the destination you need.

I has over 15 years of experience as a Product Hunter, Sourcing Agent in Asia. I have
accomplished many projects over the years and i have built a network with locals to deliver
and supply high quality products. The projects that i worked Importer, Wholesaler and many.
From Product Ideas until new Design.