The Misconceptions of Wholesale Branded Designer Clothing – Sourcing Warnings

It's been so useful reading this although I am not engaged in this sort of industry yet. Anyway, thanks Anthony.
Sep 12, 2010
Brilliant Post Anthony, It's such a tough market to deal with, especially with the amount of counterfeits out there on eBay and such and unfortunately, the more and more people that get scammed leads to people being wary about everything and in the end just stop buying from online outlets and just going straight to the store, that's why I tend to deal mainly wholesale to people who know what they are buying!

Great article! Although I don't sell designer goods myself, I've seen some friends get burned by this kind of operation so I'll be passing this article on to them.
Jan 16, 2013
By the way,I want to know through what channels I can find both cheap and good quality children's clothing?
Jan 6, 2013
Good article. Insightful.
Apr 3, 2013
This is something I don't understand and maybe someone can explain it to me.

So my questions are these:-

1. I think UGG boots actually originated in Australia. I also believe that Decker has their boots made in China (regardless of whether the guy I know has genuine boots or not). So if I had a
company that made UGG boots in Australia would they not be the GENUINE thing??

2. If I had an Australian website selling UGG boots, could I not sell those to customers (dropship) legitimately??

This is only hypothetical as I am not and don't intend to get into this line of product. Just wondering if anyone knew the answer.

Johny J - I'm from Aust, and yes, ugg boots did originate here and they are a generic term to describe sheepskin boots. What we think of as 'fake' ugg boots aren't the Decker brand but simply ugg boots made from any other material than sheepskin (usually synthetic) - these are always cheaper over here. But plenty of shops advertise ugg boots here (legally) because as you say, the Decker trademark isn't valid here. It would be like some company trademarking the term 'beanie' to describe their knitted hat and then prohibiting anyone else from calling their knitted hats beanies even though they had been called that for donkey's years.

I am certainly no expert on trademark, but I imagine if you or your hypothetical dropshippers marketed the ugg boots outside of aust. then the Decker trademark would apply and you would have to call them something else.
Jan 2, 2014
Thanks for this post!
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Jun 12, 2017
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really very nice post, just cleared a lot of things which was on my mind earlier.
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