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Sep 26, 2012
London, UK
Since being founded in 2004, The Wholesale Forums began as a small idea of guiding its users on building their businesses, which focused mainly in the UK and EU eCommerce market.

What began as a small project became the talk of the community, getting recognised in multiple channels, and built its member base to what we have now. TWF has endlessly moved, building trust to its members, bringing partnerships, and having all the archived knowledge from people all over the world, providing tips and resources to each and every person who would like to jump in the eCommerce market. We eventually got to have our own marketplace, in which our advertisers have complete control over their promotional listings and TWF becoming one of the go-to places for sourcing stock and services.

Over the years, this small project has retained its essence. Times have changed however, and new systems are available for us to utilise, not to mention that from sources in the UK and EU, we are now also gaining international attention, with advertisers from the Americas, China, and other countries.

As such, we at TWF will join in the tide. As more and more people are turning their heads into eCommerce as a way to earn, we also must look forward and see what we can do to cater everyone from all corners of the globe.

Beginning the 6th of May, TWF will have a fresh new update. Our site will be upgraded, and a new name will launch.

Horizontal_Full Colour.png

The Supplier Central will be the evolution of The Wholesale Forums. No longer we will be just a forum, we will now be a central point for suppliers and wholesalers from any country. Our website will have a fresh new look to further promote the high points of our platform. Beyond that, functionalities of our site stays the same, each and every member will be able to familiarise themselves to the same feel our TWF has previously, but just giving it an overall new look.


For advertisers, listing your products and services will be the same as before. Changes are made on the front end - how your listings are displayed - but you will have a similar experience when listing your stocks or services. Further details on listing will be provided soon.

We will also have a few more additions, with a complete overall layout of the homepage, a simpler look of our directory, and a new calendar for upcoming events.

Finally, we will be opening The Supplier Central to a wider market. We will be endorsing TSC beyond the UK and EU market and move our way in to other geographical markets. As such, new advertising groups will be made according to region. This will help potential buyers and leads to determine logistics and pinpoint suppliers based on their preferred location.

More details will come over the next few days. We have been working non-stop to bring this upgrade to our community, and we are so excited for everyone to be a part of it!

Maintenance Notice: The Wholesale Forums will be unavailable from Thursday, 6th May from midday until late evening GMT.

- Trade Intellect Team
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