There is enough goods for everyone, we just need to distribute them better.

Jul 4, 2020
All the international business through one platform. What are the benefits?

-Easy and fast way to connect small businesses from developing countries with larger enterprises that want to outsource some of their activities and need to reduce their expenses.

-Easy payments

-Built-in accounting system

-Automated calculation of all expenses: taxes, logistic, licenses and etc. (so you can find the best deal with just one look)

-Legal information, requirements and restrictions

-Big network of companies from all sectors and countries so you can easily find your market with few clicks

-Large set of search criteria to find exactly what you are looking for.

-Small businesses from developing countries will be noticed more easily and they will finally be able to direct some of the money flow toward themselves, their countries and their people.

-Large companies will be able to find international partners, suitable countries where they will be able to manufacture cheaper (easy to locate and examine all necessary local partners, and legal requirements) and more clients for their product.

Place where you can make international deals fast, easy, cheap, transparent and secure.

This website will function as a non-profit organization, big part of the income will be directed for the integration of the 3rd world countries small businesses to the open international market, helping them to interact with the bigger players, meet the requirements and regulations and become part of the outsource community.

From all my research I saw that 1% increase or decrease of the GDP can reflect in the mortality rate!

We managed to gather a huge database of companies from different countries, we received very good feedback and we hope to start with at least 12 000 registered users, so that the website is fully functional. The potential users are more than 10 000 000!

I am from Bulgaria, a small and poor country, and when big companies from wealthier countries began to outsource here, the quality of life has improved tremendously. They are satisfied because they run their business cheap, and we are glad because our salaries increased significantly and there is now a job for everyone.

I really believe that this website, if done correctly can become a very important part of international business and a must for everyone who wants to be a part of it. And contribute to the world at the same time. The website will be very expensive to run with a lot of staff from the sole beginning. Finding partners and investors quickly ceased to be an option when the only thing they ask about is profit.Some of the companies we contacted are interested in pre-ordering monthly subscriptions for the website, that is the best option to raise funding without betraying the main idea.

I will not send detailed information about the construction of the website or mock-ups so we can stay ahead if someone try to copy the idea.

P.S. Kickstarter and Indiegogo do not support Bulgaria so we can’t use them.

Honest and open communication is a very important part of society’s progress.