Guide Tips for free QR business cards

We have been going back to events in real life, and realised that not everyone wants a physical business card! Here's some quick tips for creating a QR code card.

OPTION 1: Make an image you can send or let people scan

1. Use a free QR code tool such as and fill in your details like below


2. Save the QR Image generated (if you point your camera at this image you will get my vcard as an example

3. Go to a design package such as canva, powerpoint, or Adobe and create an image file with your logo. Save as an image and send to your phone.
4. Save the photo to you image in a file called business card! You can then present it to anyone to scan using their camera and it will download all your details to their phone!

OPTION 2: Make an Business Card you can keep in your Phone Digital Wallet

We'd love to say we created this, but credit where credit is due we're going to direct you to am amazing post I used which walks through this quite complicated process

Click here to go to Paul Pschierer-Barnfather's LinkedIn article on