Trade Mark Advice

Feb 6, 2019
Hello Guys,

I have recently applied to register the trademark 'Uber Casino' for online casino services class. I received notification from the IPO in the UK who confirmed my application was approved. However, today I received a 'Notice of Threatened Opposition' via a representative of Uber Technologies. I'm interested if anyone has any view about my right to use the trademark?

I am intending to use the name 'Uber Casino' for an online casino website. I have read articles on this website, namely –

where a contributor @

states. - ‘For example, a quick web search shows that there is a business in the UK called Amazon Records. Amazon can't stop other people using the word 'Amazon', which is after all a famous region in the world…’

I believe this example correlates well somewhat in my case?
‘Uber’ means:
uber-Dictionary result for ‘uber’
combining form
denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing.
to a great or extreme degree.
"an uber-cool bar"

To my very limited understanding, it comes down to average consumer confusion, similarities of products/services and branding. I haven't seen Uber Technologies case as it is only a notice of threatened opposition at this time. However, I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone has to offer?