Versace clearance outlet coming soon!

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Versace authorised dealers -goods being shipped into north west


We are working with Rosenthal stock this year finishing clearing
cutlery sets.see ebay link below

We also have wholesale versace home furnishings-
uk clearance outlet in North West opening 2011 with general items
and furniture etc larger items coming in containers -massive markup on all items for resellers
inc clearance italian designer clothing straight off the catwalk also,(Cavalli,Gucci,
Armani,Hermes etc)
also top of the range snakeskin,croc skin blackberrys and iphones,gold plated.platinum
plated etc and beautiful ostrich skin plasmas and speaker sets.
Swarovski chaise leather chaise longues designed by Clare Francis -Royal Designer
and Versace Dominic Gerard Medusa and Atelier furniture ranges.The finest
furnishings in the world made with 100% AUTHENTIC fabrics
Vertu crest phone available now -pre release also..also prada,dior phones etc
Platinum laptops..bespoke work commissioned also as well as the regular hot
furnishing lines..

Excellent opportunities to join this programme or come on board in potential JV please contact
Clare 07752 876419 [email protected]

examples of stocks coming:



[FONT=&quot]Creative Director D’Affaires[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]United Kingdom[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]+44 7970 473955[/FONT]

Abu Dhabi • Brunei • Chicago • Dubai • Geneva • Las Vegas • London • Los Angeles • Manila • Miami • Milan • New York • Paris • Singapore • Sydney • Tokyo

Member Society International Interior Design Association

widnes/warrington area -we already have warehouse space for storage on containers and we need to be on good network liverpool m62,m6 manc and liverpool airports
containers start coming 3months -2 involved so far-need couple more interested parties on a JV possibly
pm your details



Dec 15, 2009
Think I will be making a trip up to Warrington area when you open :) any chance you will have the models from the pictures in store as well???
well frosty absolutely and miss venezuela also from time to time
and Anne we havent forgotten the male models
this is Alessandro my best buddy on a shoot we did last summer at albert dock
LIVERPOOL NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD LOL..he will be working with us and also
actor model Anthony Shaw Vaughan from Las Vegas who also is one of my main models
Are you the same as the one that was in Braintree a few years ago? just trying to get an idea if price stock will be along the same lines.

no we were not in braintree

i was in milano last year and the year prior to the that working on fashion weeks in milano etc
and sell designerwear off the catwalk with dominic gerard and i also design with his wife
so some beautiful furniture pieces coming in also

powerpoint presentations on clothing and dinnerware etc all available from clare and paul taylor
container opportunities available very fast shipping 100%million percent authentic
as you can expect from us as returns..
just one example-we have loads of lots 20 per lot in versace bags,hermes bags,gucci bags etc
clothing presentations available next week
GUCCI Pink Guccisima Leather Hobo Bag

  • High quality Guccisima leather
  • Color: pink
  • Gold-tone Gucci hardware
  • Handle drop: 6.5"
  • Top zip closure
  • Inside zip pocket
  • Measurements: W12.5" x H8" x D2"
  • Brand new with tags and dust bag
  • Purchase receipt available upon request
  • Made in Italy


Do you sell bag like Lv, gucci? Thanks for your time!
hi steve
we have containers available full of either clothing,furnishings-inc cutlery and dinnerware and actual furniture
we are bringing the same opportunity to europe as we have enjoyed in australia and usa
re fashion clothing-all high class apparel from italy mainly.
powerpoint presentations available -if you are interested in getting on this before other people
please contact us for a meeting
and people know that if they buy off us-it will always be genuine pieces wherever we bring it from
in the world
re electronics and mac-again-all authentic and work is delegated to stronger people in our group etc.
hi, im intrested in the furniture?

could you send me more details on the furniture and any other stock you have, but more importantly on the furniture

Kind regards

[email protected]
Aug 13, 2010
Thanks for your offer Clair but I already have my own lingerie business, but like most always looking for anything of interest.
Please eMail me when your clearance outlet open's and where I need to collect my FREE opening night ticket.
well well steve and frosty i do believe you will be our VIP guests no doubt about it lol ..
i will email everyone tomorrow with examples of stock coming through
including designer phones etc.
email me if you would like our presentations for europe
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