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Where can I sell stuffed birds?

So i have been asked to sell a range of 7 birds, owls, pheasants etc and also 1 squirrel. All around 100 years old- however without any documentation/ paper work

OK so i have looked into eBay and the T&Cs state

Stuffed birds

eBay urges its sellers and buyers to comply with all laws and regulations. Since the sale of migratory birds is in most cases prohibited, sellers are restricted in their listing of them on eBay. All native UK birds, along with their nests and eggs, are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Similar provisions are to be found in Irish law under the Wildlife Acts, 1976-2000. Many rare native and non-native bird species are also protected under the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations.

Allowed - Stuffed domestic farm birds like chickens or ducks

Restricted - No native birds may be listed on eBay unless members can produce documentary evidence confirming that they have not been taken from the wild illegally, and this evidence is included in the listing. A list of native bird species can be found on the British Ornithologists' Union's website.

No bird species listed on Annex A of the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations may be listed on eBay unless accompanied by an Article 10 certificate issued by the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), or the Irish Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. Read more about the species on the Annexes

Not allowed - Any eggs from wild birds cannot be sold, regardless of age or condition.

Source - http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/wildlife.html

But... there are many listings on eBay selling the exact same as me even bears and DOGS!!!

So i could list the items and risk getting reported and therefor banned or sell elsewhere however i am really struggling...

Any thoughts or advice?

Thanks Chris
It may be worth contacting eBay to ask if they can be allowed, especially if you have evidence that they pre-date the legislation (as in before they were protected).

Unfortunately we don't have any paper work/ documentations.
Quite a specialist field I would imagine - As above maybe an auction house (there may be some who specialise)

Perhaps joining specialised forums etc. would be an idea?
Aug 22, 2009
Kings Lynn, Norfolk
With auction rooms, phone ahead and ask if it's the type of thing they allow / sell, then if so, take them down for a free evaluation, you would be under no obligation to sell them if you're not hap[py with their estimate, and even if you do, you can always add a reserve, make sure that you ask them about their fees so you know what's what before making your decision, also like Craig said, specialised websites may be an idea
Sep 26, 2012
London, UK
That is one complicated item you have, especially with regulations about taxidermy. As I have read, almost all stuffed animals should have been logged by taxidermists and must have a document called article 10 to prove that they were acquired or made legally. Without that document, the item may be flagged as illegal. Worst thing is, you need to have the article 10 first before you can actually have one animal stuffed. More on that here.

Now for antiques, I found this:

When dealing with specimens listed on Annex "A" of EC Regs 338/97 (and that includes CITES species such as Big Cats*; Elephant*, Rhino* & the recently added Sawfish (rostrums), etc as well as the majority of Birds of Prey and Owls) - as far as trade within the E.U. is concerned an "antique" (that which is exempt from licensing restrictions) must be a worked item which originated from before 1/6/1947. Also it cannot have been reworked since that date. - in other words it must be original and unaltered since that date. By worked item it is meant that the specimen has significantly altered from its original state. A piece of taxidermy has obviously altered from its original state - it has been worked (modeled).
*Source: http://www.taxidermylaw.co.uk/trade/antiques.cfm

Though now your question is how to prove your items were made before that date. You could be dealing with animal CSI stuff here, best to take them first to a specialist before taking them to any marketplace to be cleared of the law first. ;)
I have a dome of birds over100 years old very good condition how much do you think they Are worth