Which Social Media Do You Use?

For my business, I currently utilise Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Which do you use? and find most effective in terms of generating sales?

When choosing the best social media network for your business it depends on many things including your product/service and who your "average" client. Twitter is a fantastic networking tool and great for having conversations with your customers but often isn't the go-to network for researching brands and products. You're better of channelling your energy into Facebook and Instagram but make sure you choose highly visual content as both algorithms don't like too much text.

I would also urge you to analyse your current social media audience data this can provide you with a lot more information and will definitely help you profile your customers.

Mitchell Dagley
Social Media Marketing Manager
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Commonly used social media platforms for any business
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
Google+ has now been pulled and is being closed down. That leaves Facebook and Twitter as the most common Social Media platforms for selling although I hear good things about Instagram.
We currently use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Mar 3, 2010
For my website, I am using Facebook, Twitter Reddit, and instagram
Hi friend, everyone will use the same as you because Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin these are very popular in the market. If you make some plan on how to do social media marketing through these channels you will get more traffic for your website.

Just think what type of audience is interested in your site. Do analysis how much time they are spending on your site on which page if one is getting more traffic then update it or give a hyperlink to another page giving more information about that.

Write a new Blog for that one. Share all your blogs in all social, media sites including the old ones as well if it is updated only.

Daily do postings like images, Infographics, Quotes about you business-related, Update your offers, create groups, join groups and more you can do it.

Some more social media sites you can also use to get more traffic
1. Youtube
2. Snapchat
3. Pinterest
4. Tumblr
5. Whatsapp
6. Reddit
7. Wechat
8. Viber
9. Messenger
10. Line
Hi, Its totally depends upon your loaction and your audience. My suggestion is to do research and go with the audience. What they are using mostly according to your product sale. You are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram well they are very popular sites with high traffic. Do research there are some more social media sites which will bring more traffic to your website like

Try these sites also.

You may want to try video-based like YouTube or Facebook Chatbots to increase engagement and sales. We have how-to courses on that if new to it - https://bestmarketinghub.co.uk/
Oct 10, 2019
I know how to get facebook likes and followers
I've often found that Facebook and Instagram are the biggest for companies looking to grow and push their business especially with the huge ad market on those platforms.
I can surely say I use all of the social media platforms, because I love to keep presence on all of the, for my business.