Who experienced being suspended from eBay for no reason?

Sep 26, 2012
London, UK
Hi All,

It came to our attention that a lot of sellers have been suspended by eBay with no reason, which is why we are looking for members who have been a victim of this type of case.

We have been contacted by BBC Radio 4 regarding this, and similar to us, we would like to know if we have members that got a similar fate from eBay. To help both parties out, please do state your case here. How did the case start? Did you not get any notification? Were there anomalies in your account? How long did the suspension last or was it permanent?

All replies would be greatly appreciated.

Nov 26, 2012
hello i can help with this as it happened to me i will explain

well around 6 months ago i started up selling xbox live membership on ebay i brought the codes and they were sent to me via email
what i done was type them is print them off with my company website facebook and email with a message saying thanks for buying and the code well
i was geting alot of feedback and after 2 weeks had around 65 feedback with 100% happy i put on my ad on ebay packaging may be different and all were sent via post well on my 2nd week i needed a higher selling allowance so i gave them a call and told it was fine and they
would update my account well i logged on to find out they had banned me from selling with them and i contacted them to be told
they couldnt give me a reson as it may help other sellers avoid being banned well i was really not happy about this but there was nothink alse i could do to get my account back so i made another 1 i know your not aloud to they say but they banned me for no reason but i cant sell on it as they say its linked to my old account i tryed again today to try and sell again with them but they still say the same and that i will never be able to sell on there site so really i will not use them again and they have really stopped me selling now and i am trying to find other things to sell on amazon

sorry for all the spelling but hope this helps you out thanks simon
Jan 14, 2005
Liverpool U.K.
I got banned for having low ebay dsr's, even though I had 100% positive feedback they would not allow me to appeal the decision.
I tried to explain that half the buyers who fill in the dsr's don't even know what it is that they are filling in, but ebay were not prepared to listen.
I could understand it if I had low feedback, but I didn't.
Even though I had been selling on ebay off and on for over 10 years they still would not listen.

The good part is that I could concentrate more on my other business's and they are really starting to take off.