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Jun 9, 2021
Hi ,
I am new and looking to get advise. I order to sale on amazon as wholesale FBA ,do I need authorisation letter / reseller certificate ( talking about UK wholesale FBA)
Hello Rubina,

Hope you are doing well, There are few formalities you have to fulfil in order to sale on Amazon.

1) If you are re-selling branded products So, you only have to submit product details along with SKU list and Product barcode list. if your clothing supplier can not provide you barcode in such case. You can register that brand into an amazon seller central to refuse to submit barcodes.

2) To sell as a wholesaler, You must require registered company and details along with bank statements and proof of identity

3) To enroll in FBA UK as a wholesaler, There are certain documents you need to submit to the amazon. Ex: - Inventory/ stock/ purchase letter

Let me know if you need more help or want to understand FBA

Thank You,
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