Wholesale marketplace for your stock locally in the US

Mar 17, 2022
Hi all!

I have launched a new product OwlSales. It is an online wholesale marketplace tailored for e-commerces, where profitable products can be found locally with ease. Also, wholesalers sell everything without a fee! Think of us as the US equivalent of Alibaba.

Our goal is to allow wholesalers to have an additional online sales channel while e-commerce stores and retailers can find profitable products locally.

Why should e-commerce/retailers use a marketplace?
  • True wholesale pricing with no fees associated;
  • Products are sourced locally allowing faster delivery times instead of purchasing from overseas;
  • They can purchase products from different wholesalers in the same cart;
  • They have access to XML/CSV files and can easily import products to their store.
Why should a wholesaler join our marketplace?
  • It is totally free with no hidden costs. Additional sales channel.
  • Less admin, more time, and money.
How are we different from Faire/Tundra/Inventory Source and others?
  • We are focusing on products that are usually bought overseas and dropshipped, we want to have the option to find these products locally. Moreover, purchasing them here solves the delivery times and cash flow issues that may arise;
  • We are working on integrations/creating plugins with the most popular CMS (Shopify, Bigcommerce, etc.), different APIs, and other integration tools. We want to have all the technical means to sell products online.
We are still in the MVP phase:
  • We are onboarding more retailers as we speak;
  • The site does not look good yet but we are working on it!
We want to create a solution that is needed by consumers and we would value your feedback. Please let me know your ideas and opinions! Would you use it or not? If not, what are the main reasons?

Thank you!
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