Wholesale request

Sep 27, 2021
My name is Iljan, i am a wholesaler of apparel and clothing industry with 100's of connections in the country where i live and neighbor countries too.

I want a supplier to provide me the following:

1. Mixture of clothes from famous top UK Brands like Na-kd, boohoo, PLT, Primark, ONLY and other famous top brands from UK.
2. Would prefer the clothes to be brand new, without damages.
3. I was interested at the moment for A/W season and mostly normal average sizes, Ladies only. Age 18-35
4. Brands can be mixed together into individual boxes but i would prefer them separated. One brand, one box/pallet.

Depending on the supplier warehouse and country i can arrange the shipping myself.
I want to make bulk orders consisting maybe tons in weight. Need a warehouse with huge export capacity. I am interested into large quantities.