News Woodland Global remains operational - continues to support business requirements

Sep 26, 2012
London, UK
Woodland Global has released the statement that they will continue their operations across the UK, Ireland, and the USA and are monitoring the coronavirus situation carefully.

As such, Woodland Global will still be able to perform the following based on the requirements of their clients:

Through our global supply chain team, we can continue to support your requirements:

  • We provide services such as “Delay In Transit” solutions to hold up goods at or near point of manufacture in China and other Asian, US or European countries.
  • We have the capacity to store goods long term in warehousing operations or hold up shipping containers in off-quay bonded warehousing locations close to major ports and rail terminals across the USA, UK and Ireland.
  • If goods have already arrived into the U.K., Ireland, Europe or the US, we support you with establishing overflow storage arrangement.

You can read more about the news here:

The Woodland Group is also a member of the TSC Community. For questions, please feel free to contact Darren Brundell via @Import Expert
This is great news @Import Expert - let us know if we can do anything to help further promote your service to those in need.

Would be great to do a quick interview I could email out, either with yourself or the relevant person. would take 10-15mins and I would write the rest up myself and then send for approval? DM me or email if you're interested.

Well done for managing to help a strained industry. Hope you are well.
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Thanks Eric/Helen,

Certainly difficult times but we are doing what we can to keep the supply chain and looking after our customers.

@Helen Yes please do email to me and I will get back to you. (E-mail hidden for privacy)
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Hi Tom,

Sorry for delay in replying. I've not been on this forum for a while. You can email me on (E-mail hidden for privacy) or drop me a DM.