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I would like to take a moment of your time to introduce Woodland Global to some of the newer members of the forum who may not have dealt with us thus far.

We are a large independently owned freight forwarder. Feedback from our customer base suggests that we stand out from the crowd by offering a level of service that surpasses what others provide.

At Woodland we appreciate and understand what our customers really want. We listen intently to find out their real needs, so that we can provide a complete supply chain package and a customer experience that would never have been thought possible within the global logistics industry.

Our business is truly global. We have genuine worldwide coverage, with a local feel. With over one million square feet of warehousing premises and over 4500 staff globally, our commitment to you is to utilise our expertise and resource towards delivering competitive and efficient transportation of your goods.

Our approach is very different to other freight forwarders. We work closely with our customers to create a truly long term 'Win Win' partnership by providing logistics solutions that improve speed of service and excellent freight rates. Your success is our success.

We work with customers large or small that may ship a single pallet to those that move thousands of containers per year. All you have to do is imagine how we can help you and your business in this tough economic climate, contact any of our team of experts and enjoy the Woodland experience.

Kind regards,

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Hi Arnag. No problem I can give you a call. Are you a freight forwarder or Importer/Exporter ?
Mar 1, 2012
the use of wordwide freight can be very useful for anyone who export or import products in big amounts.
Hi Jadenviv,

We ship to/from most places. I would say our main areas are North America / UK & Europe / Asia. You need to bear in mind though that we are a freight forwarder and do not try and complete with couriers/parcel carriers that deal with smaller packages. We can be extremely cost effective on shipments from around a pallet upwards, particularly when shipping by seafreight is involved. In a recent example a client was quoted $3200 to ship some goods from USA to UK by the supplier. We shipped the goods for them in the end at a cost of just over £600.

Kind regards,
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Hi Sean,

Many thanks - Sent you PM back. (Issue was with email address above - missing L in Woodland)

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